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Game 22: Immanuel v. Eleva-Strum (Dairyland Crossover Championship)

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Dairyland Crossover Championship at Eleva-Strum
February 23, 2013

Eau Claire Immanuel:  48   (19-3, 12-1) 

Eleva-Strum:  40  (11-11,10-3)

From 2013-02-23 Small Diaryland Conference Trophy

NOTE:  The Immanuel Lancers are the 2013 Dairyland Crossover Champions!  This can be another added bonus to the the team's accomplishments for the year.  By beating Eleva-Strum, 48-40, the Lady Lancers were able to beat the Large Dairyland Champions (and a Regional #1 seed) twice in the same week on the Cardinals home court.  Another historic feat for this 2012-13 team is that it ties the best record ever for Immanuel basketball, both boys and girls, as the Immanuel boys went 19-3 during the 1993-94 season which has been highly respected as the best Immanuel team in history (note:  the boys also went 17-3 in the 2006-07 season).  Also, this is the first time the Lady Lancers have won the championship game of the Dairyland Crossover, the only other time they've played in it being 2006 with a 27-45 loss against Whitehall  (interesting note: the 2005-06 team went 11-2 in regular conference play, losing only to Eleva-Strum and Independence and also had beaten Whitehall at home in its conference match, 49-31).  Last year the Lancers were considered co-champs of the Small Dairyland, but ended up playing in the Co-Championship game with a 44-46 buzzer-beater loss against Blair-Taylor.  The last time the program had won in the Dairyland Crossover was in 2010, a 48-35 win over Whitehall in the 4th place match-up.  The team now extends its historic winning streak to 15 games as it enters the playoffs.  It also has a 3-game winning streak over Eleva-Strum, an annual Dairyland contender with whom Immanuel has gone 4-15 in their last 19 outings against each other.

Box Score and Team Stats on WSN   (To be updated ...)

Box Score and Team Stats on MaxPreps   (To be updated ...)
Event Page and Team Stats on USA Today HS Sports   (To be updated ...)

Game play-by-play
   (To be updated ...)
Shot Charts (Both Teams)     (To be updated ...)
Shot Charts (Immanuel Players)     (To be updated ...)
Shot Charts (Opponent Players)      (To be updated ...)

Game Audio   (Rob Sauers and Matt Schaser broadcast)  

Game Video (HD Link):      (To be updated ...)

From Prep Roundup in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:
Immanuel Lutheran 48, Eleva-Strum 40: Abbie Hein scored 21 points, Emily Hein added 14 and the Small Dairyland champs beat the Large Dairyland winners in the first-place matchup.
From Prep Statistics in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:
Immanuel Lutheran — Abbie Hein 21, Emily Hein 14, Rachel Schaser 4, Johanna Meyer 4, Johanna Ohlmann 2, Chara Meyer 3. Totals (FGM FT-FTA TP): 15 12-18 48.
Eleva-Strum — Courtney Ashwell 2, Ali Lorenz 12, Skyler Rivard 11, Kara Enos 7, Taylor Phinn 5, Heather Gibson 3. Totals: 16 2-6 40.
Immanuel 15 15 10 8 — 48
Eleva-Strum 12 10 5 13 — 40
3-point goals: Immanuel Lutheran 6 (A. Hein 3, E. Hein 3), Eleva-Strum 6 (Lorenz 4, Enos, Phinn). Total fouls: Immanuel Lutheran 7, Eleva-Strum 13. Records: Immanuel Lutheran 18-3; Eleva-Strum 11-11.
(2) Cochrane-Fountain City 47, (2) Alma Center Lincoln 34
Alma Center Lincoln — Paige Janke 4, Brielle Lien 1, Michaela Bemis 4, Haley Sanders 2, Mikayla Simmons 5, Bailey Larson 11, Kayla Patterson 2, Rachel Davis 5. Totals (FGM FT-FTA TP): 13 8-22 34.
Cochrane-Fountain City — Laura Kramer 15, Nicole Hunger 4, Mikahla Murphy 9, Briana Wolf 2, Laura Hibert 2, Mackenzie Halverson 15. Totals: 18 11-17 47.
Lincoln 6 14 8 6 — 34
C-FC 10 15 10 12 — 47
Total fouls: Alma Center Lincoln 19, Cochrane-Fountain City 18. Fouled out: Janke (ACL). Records: Alma Center Lincoln 11-10; Cochrane-Fountain City 12-10.
(3) Blair-Taylor 42, (3) Independence 20
Blair-Taylor — Jordan Lien 5, Alex Lisowski 2, Howe 1, Danielle Holstad 1, Jenna Ladsten 9, Mikayla Simonson 8, Morgan Nehring 6, Mara Peterson 4, Mara Nyen 6. Totals (FGM FT-FTA TP): 18 4-9 42.
Independence — Andi Baecker 5, Alyssa Servais 2, Emily Guza 2, Morgan Speltz 2, Lacey Filla 4, Kaitlyn Tuschner 2, Erika Suchla 3. Totals: 6 6-11 20.
Blair-Taylor 16 11 8 7 — 42
Independence 7 1 7 5 — 20
3-point goals: Blair-Taylor 2 (Ladsten, Lien), Independence 2 (Baecker, Filla). Total fouls: Blair-Taylor 14, Independence 13. Records: Blair-Taylor 10-12; Independence 5-17.
(4) Whitehall 51, (4) Gilmanton 48
Gilmanton — Brooklyn Mueller 1, Julia Branger 2, Morgan Bork 8, Mariah Peterson 9, Brittany Laehn 20, Cheyenne Loewenhagen 8. Totals (FGM FT-FTA TP): 14 16-27 48.
Whitehall — Zoey Matthews 6, Jordan Cruz 11, Taylor Giese 3, Samantha Giese 4, Jada Schaub 14, Bryn Boland 3, Stephanie Melby 5, Kayden Daggett 4, Breanna Mueller 1. Totals: 21 8-19 51.
Gilmanton 9 14 14 11 — 48
Whitehall 10 12 12 17 — 51
3-point goals: Gilmanton 4 (Bork, Peterson 2, Laehn), Whitehall 1 (Cruz). Total fouls: Gilmanton 17, Whitehall 21. Records: Gilmanton 6-14; Whitehall 8-11.
(5) Alma/Pepin 55, (5) Melrose-Mindoro 53
Melrose-Mindoro — Keelie Dunn 6, Katie Boone 13, Miranda Jones 14, Jordan Paisley 2, Trissa Patterson 2, Christina Roberts 4, Kendra Antony 8, Devin Lockington 2, Katie Kirchner 2. Totals (FGM FT-FTA TP): 24 4-9 53.
Alma/Pepin — Emma Laehn 8, Ali Murray 22, Sarah Sampson 10, Katie Herold 6, Emily Kircher 7, Taylor Spalding 2. Totals: 20 10-17 55.
Melrose-Mindoro 8 8 18 19 — 53
Alma/Pepin 4 13 20 18 — 55
3-point goals: Melrose-Mindoro 1 (Boone), Alma/Pepin 5 (Laehn 2, Murray 3). Total fouls: Melrose-Mindoro 19, Alma/Pepin 12. Records: Melrose-Mindoro 6-16; Alma/Pepin 4-16.
Previous meetings (4-15):

Next UpWIAA Regional Quarterfinal: Tue., Feb. 26, 7:00 pm - #7 Clear Lake @ #2 Immanuel (map) (MaxPreps pre-game) (WSN Preview) (USA Today)

Varsity Pics:     

2012-13 Small Dairyland Conference Trophey

Today the Eau Clarie Immanuel Lutheran team received its championship trophy at the Dairyland Crossover!

From 2013-02-23 Small Diaryland Conference Trophy

From 2013-02-23 Small Diaryland Conference Trophy

From 2013-02-23 Small Diaryland Conference Trophy

From 2013-02-23 Small Diaryland Conference Trophy

From 2013-02-23 Small Diaryland Conference Trophy

Dairyland All-Conference 2012-13

Yesterday the All-Conference teams were announced for both the Small Dairyland and Large Dairyland. Congratulations to Abbie Hein for making First Team (4x), Rachel Schaser for making First Team, Abby Sydow for making Second Team, and Emily Hein as an Honorable Mention pick.

From 2013-02-23 All-Conference Awards

From 2013-02-23 All-Conference Awards

From 2013-02-23 All-Conference Awards


Small Dairyland 1st Team
Laura Kramer Cochrane-Fountain City Senior
Nichole Hunger Cochrane-Fountain City Junior
Abbie Hein Eau Claire Immanuel Senior
Rachel Schaser Eau Claire Immanuel Junior
Brittany Laehn Gilmanton Junior

Small Dairyland 2nd Team
Cori Terpstra Alma/Pepin Junior
Abby Sydow Eau Claire Immanuel Senior
Cheyenne Lowenhagen Gilmanton Freshman
Sara Filla Independence Sophomore
Erika Suchla Independence Junior

Small Dairyland Honorable Mention
Mackenzie Halverson Cochrane-Fountain City Senior
Emily Hein Eau Claire Immanuel Sophomore
Mariah Peterson Gilmanton Senior
Tanisha Bautch Independence Senior

Large Dairyland 1st Team
Morgan Nehring Blair-Taylor Junior
Mikayla Simonson Blair-Taylor Senior
Ali Lorenz Eleva-Strum Senior
Kara Enos Eleva-Strum Junior
Mikayla Simmons Lincoln Junior
Katie Boone Melrose-Mindoro Senior
Kendra Antony Melrose-Mindoro Senior

Large Dairyland 2nd Team
Jenna Ladsten Blair-Taylor Senior
Skylar Rivard Eleva-Strum Junior
Heather Gibson Eleva-Strum Senior
Bailey Larson Lincoln Freshman
Rachel Davis Lincoln Senior
Paige Janke Lincoln Senior
Christina Roberts Melrose-Mindoro Senior
Bryn Boland Whitehall Senior

Large Dairyland Honorable Mention
Mara Peterson Blair-Taylor Sophomore
Samantha Giese Whitehall Junior

Thursday, February 21, 2013

MaxPrep Ranking - February 21

MaxPrep Rankings have been updated for how Wisconsin teams place in comparison to each other. Immanuel's ranking is as follows:

Here's a graph as to how the MaxPreps ranking is changing through the season.  The equivalent time frame from last season is also shown:

NATIONAL RANK:  7174  (+180)

State Rankings of key teams:
Eleva-Strum 291

Clear Lake 450
McDonell Central 213
Prairie Farm  414
Clayton 202

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2012-13 Small Dairyland Conference Champs

The Lancers are 2012-13 Champs of the 
Small Dairyland Conference!!!  
 Back: Coach Jim Sydow, Emily Hein, Johanna Meyer, Rhiannon Roehl, Prof. David Rodebach, Chara Meyer, Abi Bernthal, Rebecca Naumann, Michaela Naumann, Rachel Schaser, Prof. Ross Roehl
Front:  Sarah Tester, Lauren Lisak, Abbie Hein, Abby Sydow, Johanna Ohlmann, Lydia Albrecht

2012-13 Small Dairyland Champions!
Overall Dairyland Conference Champions
Only Immanuel Team to Repeat as Conference Champions!
Beat Every Dairyland Conference Opponent
12-1 Conference Record after Starting out 0-1!

WSN Basketball Rankings - Feb 19 (Week 12)

WSN Basketball Rankings for February 19, Week 12 of 2012-13 season, Division 5 (See WSN Commentary):

Immanuel made the WSN rankings this week!  For the Week 1 poll, Immanuel had been ranked to start the season at #7.  Now for the last WSN ranking of the season, Immanuel crept back into the rankings at the #10 spot!  These are clearly the two highest rankings ever in Immanuel girls basketball history!  This is two seasons in a row that Immanuel has been ranked.  Last year Immanuel was ranked #14 during Week 14 and #13 during Week 15 (final ranking week).  This season the rankings have only included the top 10.  Interestingly, Immanuel has not received any AP votes this season.  Last year they received votes in the AP poll:  8 votes on Feb. 6 (see post), 1 vote on Feb. 13, 8 votes on Feb. 20, 8 votes on Feb. 26.  A source close to the 2005-06 season says that the team that year may have received an AP poll vote once.


Rankings based on games played through 2/18/2013)
With WIAA Playoff games beginning next Tuesday, this will be our final Girls Basketball Coaches Poll of the season.

Division 1
De Pere will end the season as they started in the D! Coaches Poll, ranked #1. Eight of the teams in the final poll were ranked in Week 1, Milwaukee Riverside and Verona were the only two not in the opening Coaches Poll.

Division 2
New London finishes the season as the top-ranked team in the D2 Coaches Poll after starting the season at #3. Like Division 1, eight of the teams ranked in the opening Coaches Poll end the season in the rankings.

Divsion 3
Neillsville closes out the season as the #1 in the D3 Coaches Poll. Kewaunee started the season as the top-ranked team and end the year at No. 3 while East Troy began the year at #3 and finish at #2. Eight of the teams ranked in the opening Coaches Poll end the year in the rankings.

Divsion 4
Algoma ends the season as the top-ranked team in the Coaches Poll after being ranked #4 in the opening poll. Colfax and Cuba City started in the year in the top five and they will end there as well. The Week 12 D4 rankings have eight of the teams ranked in Week 1.

Division 5
Heritage Christian closes the year where they began, ranked #1 in the Division 5 Coaches Poll. Barnevled, Assumption and Owen-Withee were in the Week 1 top five and they are also in the Week 12 top five. While we saw many different teams crack the rankings in Division 5, there are nine teams from the Week 1 Coaches Poll that are ranked in Week 12.

AP Poll for Feb. 18
Here is the Associated Press Wisconsin prep girls basketball poll for the week of February 18, with first-place votes in parentheses, record, total points and last week's ranking, as voted upon by a statewide panel of sports writers and broadcasters:

Massey Ranking - Feb 19

Massey Ratings have been updated for how Wisconsin teams place in comparison to each other. Immanuel's rating is as follows:


(+0 from last week, Last week 221)  
(Pre-Season 219Season High 183 on 12/3/2012, Season Low 246 on 1/14/2013)   
(All-Time High 183 on 12/3/2012, All-Time Low 450 on 11/2009)
  • Schedule 381  .....(Last week 381)
  • Offense 133 .....(Last week 133)
  • Defense 338 .....(Last week 338)
  • Power 223 .....(Last week 223) 
(+0 from last week, Last week 7870)

2012-13 All-Conference

Congrats to the following for being selected as Dairyland All-Conference:
  • Abbie Hein - 1st Team (4x 1st Team)
  • Rachel Schaser - 1st Team
  • Abby Sydow - 2nd Team (2x - HM Team last year)
  • Emily Hein - HM Team
Teamwork is a huge component to these players being honored.  The entire team contributed to the overall success of the year! The only other time in the Immanuel program when four players were selected All-Conference was in 2006 when the Lancers won the Small Dairyland title.  That year Joanna Snell, Joelle Noeldner, Jessie Meyer, and Danielle Beekman were honored.

Dairyland Crossover 2013

With last night's final conference games, the Dairyland Crossover for this coming Saturday, February 23, is now set. Immanuel will be playing Eleva-Strum at 2 pm in the Crossover Championship match-up (MaxPreps pre-game) (WSN Preview) (USA Today).

Dairyland Crossover Schedule
Saturday - February 23 at Eleva-Strum H.S. (map)
  • 10 am - 4th Place Large Dairyland v. 4th Place Small Dairyland
  • Alma/Pepin v. Melrose-Mindoro
  • 10 am - 4th Place Small Dairyland v. 4th Place Large Dairyland
  • Gilmanton v. Whitehall
  • 12 pm - 3rd Place Small Dairyland v. 3rd Place Large Dairyland
  • Independence v. Blair-Taylor
  • 12 pm - 2nd Place Small Dairyland v. 2nd Place Large Dairyland
  • Cochrane-Fountain City v. Alma Center Lincoln
  • 2 pm - 1st Place Small Dairyland v. 1st Place Large Dairyland
  • Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran v. Eleva-Strum
Conference Trophies and All-Conference awards will be presented prior to the championship game, likely between 1:15-1:30 pm.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Game 21: Immanuel @ Eleva-Strum

More updates coming ...

At Eleva-Strum
February 18, 2013

Eau Claire Immanuel:  52   (18-3, 12-1) 

Eleva-Strum:  39  (11-10, 10-3)

NOTE:  The Immanuel girls basketball team continued their winning ways this evening!  In the Lancers getting the 52-39 win over Large Dairyland Conference Champion, Eleva-Strum (10-3 in conference play), they have proven themselves to be the clear overall Dairyland Conference leaders with a 12-1 conference record.  It is amazing to realize that after starting conference with an 0-1 record, the Lancers have gone on to have 12 straight conference wins, even avenging their early-season loss to Gilmanton by handily defeating them in their second match-up.  Through the journey, Immanuel was the sole team to beat every conference team.  The only other time Immanuel accomplished that was in 2006-07 when the team went 11-2 in conference, beating and losing to then-Small Dairyland opponents Eleva-Strum and Independence.  Also, keep in mind that this is only the third time Immanuel has beaten Eleva-Strum in the past 10 years, now a 3-15 record over since 2002.  It is also the only time in Immanuel history that that they have beaten Eleva-Strum two times in a row, the Lancers having a 53-48 marquee win last season.
  With the win this evening, the Lancers extend their historic winning streak to 14 games and improve on their historic mark of 18-3.

Box Score and Team Stats on WSN   (To be updated ...)

Box Score and Team Stats on MaxPreps   (To be updated ...)
Event Page and Team Stats on USA Today HS Sports   (To be updated ...)

Game play-by-play
   (To be updated ...)
Shot Charts (Both Teams)     (To be updated ...)
Shot Charts (Immanuel Players)     (To be updated ...)
Shot Charts (Opponent Players)      (To be updated ...)

Game Audio (Pre-Game)   (Rob Sauers and Matt Schaser broadcast)
Game Audio   (Rob Sauers and Matt Schaser broadcast) 

Game Video (HD Link):      (To be updated ...)

See sports highlight video from WEAU.
(Immanuel highlight at the 0:00 min. mark)

See sports highlight video from WQOW.

From Prep Roundup in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:
Rachel Schaser scored 16 points to lead all scorers as the Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran girls basketball team defeated Eleva-Strum 52-39 on the road.
Abbie Hein added 13 points for the Lancers. Kara Enos led the Cardinals with 14 points.

Immanuel maintained the lead the entire game.
From Prep Statistics in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:
Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran 52,
Eleva-Strum 39
Immanuel Lutheran — Abbie Hein 13, Emily Hein 9, Rachel Schaser 16, Johanna Meyer 6, Abby Sydow 3, Johannah Ohlmann 2, Chara Meyer 3. Totals (FGM FT-FTA TP): 21 9-14 52.
Eleva-Strum — Allie Lorenz 9, Skylar Rivard 2, Kara Enos 14, Erin Kensmoe 4, Heather Gibson 8, Alexic McDonald 2. Totals: 16 4-4 39.
Immanuel Lutheran 14 15 14 9 — 52
Eleva-Strum 10 15 8 6 — 39
3-point goals: Immanuel Lutheran 3 (E. Hein, J. Meyer 2), Eleva-Strum 3 (Loren, Enos 2). Total fouls: Immanuel Lutheran 5, Eleva-Strum 10. Records: Eleva-Strum 11-10, 10-3.
Previous meetings (3-15):
Next UpDairyland Crossover:  Sat., Feb. 23, Est. 2:00 pm - Eleva-Strum @ Eleva-Strum H.S. (map) (MaxPreps pre-game) (WSN Preview) (USA Today)

Varsity Pics:     

2013 WIAA Girls Basketball Playoffs Articles

Here are some articles about the upcoming WIAA Playoffs ...

From today's Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:

Girls hoops: Huskies to open playoffs on road

By Leader-Telegram staff
A share of the Big Rivers Conference lead wasn't enough to earn Eau Claire North a home playoff game.
The Huskies will start their WIAA girls basketball playoffs journey on the road. When the playoff brackets were released Sunday, North was shown as a five seed in the Division 1 D.C. Everest Sectional. It will travel to fourth-seeded Wausau West in a regional semifinal Friday, March 1.
North (15-5) is tied with Chippewa Falls (17-4) for the Big Rivers lead with one game remaining. The Cardinals were seeded second and will host seventh-seeded Eau Claire Memorial in a regional semifinal.
The third-place team in the Big Rivers, Rice Lake, was seeded fifth in the Division 2 Marshfield Sectional. The Warriors (11-10) take on fourth-seeded La Crosse Central in their opener.
Menomonie will be in action in the regional quarterfinals. Seeded seventh, the Mustangs (7-13) travel to 10th-seeded Tomah on Tuesday, Feb. 26.
Four Heart O'North teams earned first-round byes in the Division 3 River Falls Sectional. Conference champion Ladysmith (19-2) is the top seed in the top half of the bracket.
Runner-up Barron (17-4) is seeded second and third-place Hayward (15-4) is seeded third. Both have byes to the regional semifinals.
Bloomer (14-7), the Heart O'North's fourth-place team, is a No. 3 seed in the bottom half of the bracket. The top seed there is unbeaten Eastern Cloverbelt champion Neillsville, the state's top-ranked team. The Warriors (20-0), who won the Division 4 state championship last year, move up to D3 this season.
The top two teams in the Dunn-St. Croix both earned No. 1 seeds and first-round byes in Division 4.
Conference champion Colfax (20-2) is the top seed in the top half of the Chippewa Falls Sectional. If both teams win their regional semifinals, the Vikings would face fourth-seeded Eau Claire Regis (14-7) in a regional final.
The Ramblers, champions of the Western Cloverbelt, will host the winner of Webster and Grantsburg in Friday's regional semifinals.
Elk Mound (15-5), the third-place team in the Dunn-St. Croix, is seeded third in the bracket. The Mounders are opposite Central Lakeland champion Cameron (18-2) in their regional. The Comets are seeded second.
In the Baraboo Sectional, Mondovi (14-7), currently second in the Dunn-St. Croix, earned a No. 1 seed. Western Cloverbelt runner-up Fall Creek (15-6) is the No. 2 seed in that regional.
In Division 5, Large Dairyland champion Eleva-Strum is seeded first in the top half of the La Crosse Logan Sectional.
Small Dairyland winner Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran, led by standout Abbie Hein, is a No. 2 seed in the lower half of the Spooner Sectional.
Owen-Withee, second to Neillsville in the Eastern Cloverbelt, is the No. 1 seed in the other regional.
From today's Chippewa Valley Herald:

Girls basketball playoff brackets announced

McDonell earned a No. 3 seed in Division 5 and hosts No. 6 Prairie Farm on the opening night of the playoffs. Cornell also will be home for the first game of the playoffs as the No. 4-seeded Chiefs host No. 5 Gilman. Lake Holcombe and New Auburn will be on the road for the opening game of the playoffs when the No. 7 Chieftains play at No. 2 Thorp and No. 8 New Auburn plays at top-seeded Clayton.

Game Videos

Now that playoffs are approaching, all game videos (embedded and linked) are unavailable and are set to private.  These will come back online when the season ends.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 WIAA Tournament Seeding

WIAA Girls Basketball Page
WIAA Girls Basketball Tournament Page
WIAA Division 5 Brackets
(Immanuel is in Sectional #1, Regional D)

The WIAA has released its tournament schedule and seeding for Division 5.  Eau Claire Immanuel received the #2 seed in Sectional 1 (Spooner Sectional), Regional D.  After two ties with Clayton in the seeding vote, Immanuel lost the coin flip.  This means Immanuel will host the first game and potentially the second.  Immanuel will host #7 Clear Lake on Tuesday, February 26, 7:00 pm.

Just for how interest in how the Immanuel program has transitioned the past four years, here are Immanuel's seeds for the past five years:
     2013  2012  2011  2010  2009
      #2    #3    #5    #6    #8

Here's how the Regional was seeded:
  1. Clayton (WSN) (MaxPreps)
  2. Eau Claire Immanuel (WSN) (MaxPreps)
  3. McDonell Central (WSN) (MaxPreps)
  4. Glenwood City (WSN) (MaxPreps)
  5. Turtle Lake (WSN) (MaxPreps)
  6. Prairie Farm (WSN) (MaxPreps)
  7. Clear Lake (WSN) (MaxPreps)
  8. New Auburn (WSN) (MaxPreps)
Here's how the Half-Sectional is bracketed:

2013 WIAA Seeding Meeting Post
2012 WIAA Tournament Seeding (#3 of 16)
2011 WIAA Tournament Seeding (#5 of 8)
2010 WIAA Tournament Seeding (#6 of 8)
2009 WIAA Tournament Seeding (#8 of 8)