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2012-13 Season Overview


From Immanuel Bball Highlights (2012-13)

Season Highlight Video:
(Courtesy of Rob Sauers)

Remembering the 2012-2013 Lancers (Hi-Def)

Season Highlights:

It was an historic season for the 2011-12 Immanuel Girls Varsity Basketball team!  The journey through the season was absolutely amazing as the team started 0-2 in conference and then went on to go 10-1 to finish with a 10-3 conference record to secure the Small Dairyland Conference Championship!  When the team needed to win key games, everyone stepped up and took on the challenge.

Here are some of the team's achievements:
  • Small Dairyland Conference Champs!!!
  • WIAA Regional Runner-up
  • Best-ever record in Immanuel history (22-4)
  It was just an incredible season!

Thanks to the girls, to Coach Sydow, and to Coach Roehl for the memorable season!

The coaches write to the team:

This year’s Immanuel girls’ basketball team began the season with high expectations, which included repeating as conference champions, having a 20-win season, and winning a regional championship.  In the pre-Christmas games we had 4 wins and 3 losses [by a total of twelve points to Gilmanton (conference) and higher division teams, Regis and Durand (non-conference)]. We identified several areas for improvement if we were to perform as a team at a high level. We needed to:
  • Value the ball and compete on every possession (offensively & defensively)
  • Focus on the details that make for successful team play
  • Finish strong and keep composure in close games
After Christmas break an 18-game win streak began at Whitehall with a 24-point fourth quarter. There were several memorable games that enabled the steak to continue including a(n):
  • double over-time home win versus Independence
  • last-minute short-handed win at Melrose-Mindoro
  • avenging win by 25 points against Gilmanton and clinching the Small Dairyland Conference Championship
  • senior night win over Blair-Taylor
  • two wins in one week at Eleva-Strum (Large Dairyland Conference Champions)
The 18-game win streak continued through WIAA Regional games. Seeded second in the region, Immanuel hosted two games including a packed house, two-point win over Chippewa Falls McDonell with over 100 live broadcast viewers via the Internet. The regional championship (first ever for an Immanuel basketball team) was secured at Clayton.  The emotional release of joy by both players and fans is one of those special life-time moments to remember. The steak ended with a sectional loss to Owen-Withee played at Rice Lake.
In review it was manifestly apparent that this team was committed to continuous improvement throughout the season. We were able to become much better in the areas needing improvement that were identified after our first seven games. The four seniors (Lauren Lisak, Johanna Ohlmann, Abbie Hein, and Abby Sydow) provided excellent leadership, encouraged teammates, and exemplified how to compete and play as a team. We began the season as a very good scoring team and by the end of the season we were also a very good defensive team.
Your competitive, yet Christian performance generated a new level of enthusiasm for our Immanuel. In addition to filling the gym, you had fans following you from all over the United States. Prior to the start of the season a 95 year-old loyal fan (Jim’s mom) joined our LORD in heaven. You were given an opportunity to play interscholastic basketball, which was never available to her. She would have loved to see and enjoy your championships with you. Before every game we could hear Clint’s voice shouting, “Let’s Go Lancers.” The LORD had plans for you by enabling you to experience a level of competitive success in basketball that had never been achieved at Immanuel. This season was special, you made it special, you are special; and we enjoyed watching you succeed (achieving your expectations) and coaching you throughout the season.

All Glory to GOD, our Immanuel!

Coach Dr. Sydow, Prof. Roehl, & Prof. Rodebaugh

2012-13 Yearbook:

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