Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 WIAA Tournament Seeding

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WIAA Division 5 Brackets
(Immanuel is in Sectional #3, Half Bracket A or Neilsville Half-Sectional)

The WIAA has released its tournament schedule and seeding for Division 5.  This year the tournament is seeded by the half-sectional of 16 teams, unlike previous years when it was seeded by the regional of 8 teams.  Eau Claire Immanuel received the #3 seed in Sectional 3, Neilsville Half-Sectional.  This means Immanuel will host the first game and potentially the second.

To begin the tournament Eau Claire Immanuel will play at home against the #14 seed, Cochrane-Fountain City, on Tue., March 6, 7 pm.  In its previous meeting, Immanuel defeated Cochrane-Fountain City in an away game, 46-43.  They also play one another tomorrow in a key game to determine if Immanuel has a share in the Small Dairyland Conference Championship.

Here's how the half-sectional was seeded:
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