Saturday, October 23, 2010

Volleyball: Thank You Fans!!!!!

From Melrose-Mindoro

From Greenwood


One thing about the fans at Immanuel, they sure show some amazing support for the volleyball team!!! They cheer appropriately, they are good sports, they don't boo the other team, they really cheer if a bench player comes into the game, they don't cheer for the other team's error unless the game is on the line, they really cheer if there's a really good play, they hold back if the other team is getting slaughtered, they silently oooo after a bad call without yelling out something stupid, they have great cheers that they make sure they don't overuse, etc., etc. Incredible, really!

Among all the schools that the team played at, Immanuel had by far and without a doubt the best and most supportive atmosphere for their team. This includes larger schools. Even the Melrose-Mindoro coach publicly commented on the great atmosphere at Immanuel after she lost a really tough, highly competitive match against us in five sets. She quoted to the reporter after the game, '"It was so intense - the noise in that gym. It was really kind of cool," Boone said. "It gave you the goosebumps for a high school game to be that loud."'

That says it all!!!

Thanks, so much, for making it a wonderful and memorable season by all your positive support!