Sunday, September 13, 2009

Volleyball Tournament: Dairyland Conf. Invitational Overview

Yesterday Immanuel were the champions at the Dairyland Conference Invitational!


Congratulations to the Varsity volleyball team for their 1st place finish at the Dairyland Conference Tournament on Saturday. They went 8-0 to capture the title for the first time in school history. The All-Tournament team included Katherine Kazemba (unanimous), Jess Ohlmann, Renae Markus, and Heidi Lau. Please come and support them tomorrow evening in their first conference home match of the season!

Below is an overview of the entire tournament.

See story in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:

Dairyland Conference Invitational: Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran followed the lead of Katherine Kazemba on its way to a undefeated record in eight matches at Independence.

Kazemba was the only player unanimously selected to the all-tournament team after leading the Lancers to a 4-0 record in pool play before topping Independence and Alma in championship pool play.

"Going in Melrose-Mindoro had been playing real well and we played them first," Lancers coach Joe Lau said. "We knew we had to be ready to go right off the bat and we were. The girls played really well all day long."

Independence finished as the runner-up. Stephanie Walek and Bria Halama led the Indees.

Immanuel also had Jessica Ohlmann, Renae Markus and Heidi Lau join Kazemba on the 16-player all-tournament team.

See stats in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:


At Independence

Championship pool team results

Pool A: 1, Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran 4-0; 2, Independence 2-2; 3, Alma 0-4. Pool B: 1, Melrose-Mindoro 3-1; 2, Eleva-Strum 3-1; 3, Gilmanton 0-4. Pool C: 1, Whitehall 4-0; 2, Blair-Taylor 2-2; 3, Alma Center Lincoln 0-4.

Championship Pool Match Results

Pool A

Immanuel 2, Alma 0

Immanuel def. Alma 25-17, 25-18.

Immanuel 2, independence 0

Immanuel def. Independence 25-21, 25-23.

Independence 2, Alma 0

Independence def. Alma 25-12, 25-16.

Pool B

Melrose-mindoro 1, eleva-strum 1

Eleva-Strum split with Melrose-Mindoro 25-23 (E-S), 25-15 (M-M).

Melrose-mindoro 2, gilmanton 0

Melrose-Mindoro def. Gilmanton 25.8, 25-21.

Eleva-Strum 2, gilmanton 0

Eleva-Strum def. Gilmanton 25-20, 25-19.

Pool C

Blair-Taylor 2, Alma Center Lincoln 0

Blair-Taylor def. Alma Center Lincoln 25-16, 25-21.

Whitehall 2, Alma Center Lincoln 0

Whitehall def. Alma Center Lincoln 25-17, 25-22.

Whitehall 2, Blair-Taylor 0

Whitehall def. Blair-Taylor 25-18, 25-19.

pool results

Pool 1: Alma 4-0; Eleva-Strum 1-3; Blair-Taylor 1-3. Pool 2: Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran 4-0; Melrose-Mindoro 2-2; Alma Center Lincoln 0-4. Pool 3: Independence 3-1; Gilmanton 3-1; Whitehall 0-4.

Pool Play Results

Pool 1

Eleva-Stum 1, Blair-Taylor 1

Eleva-Strum split with Blair-Taylor 25-17 (E-S), 25-17 (B-T).

Alma 2, Blair-Taylor 0

Alma def. Blair-Taylor 25-15, 25-12.

Alma 2, Eleva-Strum 0

Alma def. Eleva-Strum 25-22, 25-21.

Pool 2

Melrose-Mindoro 2, alma center lincoln 0

Melrose-Mindoro def. Alma Center Lincoln 25-11, 25-11.

Immanuel 2, whitehall 0

Immanuel def. Whitehall 25-9, 25-18.

Immanuel 2, alma center lincoln 0

Immanuel def. Alma Center Lincoln 25-13, 25-17.

Pool 3

Independence 2, whitehall 0

Independence def. Whitehall 25-14, 25-14.

Independence 1, Gilmanton 1

Independence split with Gilmanton 25-13 (I), 26-24 (G).

gilmanton 2, whitehall 0

Gilmanton def. Whitehall 25-23, 25-19.

all-tournament team

Immanuel: Katherine Kazemba (unanimous), Jessica Ohlmann, Renae Markus, Heidi Lau. Eleva-Strum: Ronnie Moltzau, Rachel Sands. Melrose-Mindoro: Alexis Plachecki, Janelle Frank. Alma: Ali Ritscher, Jenni Sampson, Caitlin Coombs. Gilmanton: Cheyenne Gray, Erin Davis. Independence: Stephanie Walek, Bria Halama. Whitehall: Jill Bender.

Individual results

Immanuel: Kazemba 7 aces, 26 kills, 25 digs; Lau 67 assists, 3 aces; Ohlmann 20 kills.