Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Basketball Review

The girls' summer season has now come to an end. The events included the summer league games, the ILHS girls basketball camp, and the concluding Winona tournament.

Season record: 6-7.
Record against Div. 3 WI (or AA MN): 2-5
Record against Div. 4 WI (or A MN): 4-2

The summer games give the girls a chance to play the game together during the summer and hopefully build upon their skills for the upcoming year. Many of the competing programs were able to field full (or nearly full) roster teams. Since some of the Immanuel girls live at a distance in different areas of the country, we didn't have that luxury. Several of the girls also had to work or had other activities. Most of the time the team had about 7 players, only 5 for the final tournament. In spite of this, there were a lot of promising signs during the summer season. It will be exciting to see what happens this coming year when all the girls are put together.

Girls that participated during the season were:
  • Renea Markus (Sr., 2010)
  • Amy Roehl (Sr., 2010)
  • Alison Froelich (Jr., 2011)
  • Heidi Lau (Jr., 2011)
  • Katie Oster (Jr., 2011)
  • Erin Markus (So., 2012)
  • Hannah Tiefel (So., 2012)
  • Abbie Hein (Fr., 2013)
  • Johanna Ohlmann (Fr., 2013)
  • Abby Sydow (Fr., 2013)
Some key players from last year's varsity team that were unable to play due to living at a distance:
  • Katherine Kazemba (Sr., 2010)
  • Jessica Ohlmann (Sr., 2010)